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It was FABULOUS. Wish I could have shared with all A CHRISTMAS STORY groupies, producers, creators and investors, etc. I was a proud Mama..Our show is so brilliant, it works!!!....of course credit goes to Scott Hart for making it work. Hope next year he can have a bigger theatre, and I will be there to cheer him on. Thank you Scott for giving me the BEST ACS fix

Pat Addiss, Tony Award winning producer, lead producer of ACS on Broadway

Excellent performance of "A Christmas Story" tonight, 12/13/14 at The Barn Theatre (Montville, NJ). Because of the intimate proximity to the stage, I enjoyed this performance much more than the show I attended in 2013 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. The performers were wonderful and the production impeccable. Way to go, guys!

Glen Shaw, audience member

Hey Scott,

Wishing you all the best for 2018!!! I really loved working with you this past year. You have been amazing. I hope that our paths cross again soon.

All the best

 I am thrilled to tell you how much I recommend Scott Hart. My daughter, Amanda, just finished performing in A Christmas Story The Musical, at the Barn Theatre, under the guidance and expert direction of Scott Hart. Scott is a true professional and a very gifted teacher. He had clear communication with the cast members and always had helpful advice and techniques to impart to the cast. Scott's sophisticated and high expectations made the show truly a work of art and as my friends and family would say a "Better than Broadway Production"!!! My daughter learned so much from Scott and understood that there was structure and meaning to every rehearsal. Above all, Scott is a real human being. He was always there to respond to an email or phone call and gave sound answers with sheer concern. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience working with Scott. He is a true leader and recognizes every detail, while never losing sight of the goal at hand. As a Mother, he has my trust and respect, I would love to have my daughter be under his direction in shows in the future. As an Elementary School Teacher, I feel Scott has the drive and skill set to make any show a success!!! Should you have any questions, please contact me

Allison Vogel

Thank you for your professional, outstanding work directing and basically taking care and running the whole production from the artistic side…

From all the directors I have worked with over the years you are truly one of the best I've had the privilege and pleasure to work with, not only do you put your whole heart and sole into it but you are kind and nice and respect the people you work with and in return you get respect back from everyone. Even the kids wanted to please you and "wow" you and worked hard to make you happy. They all admired you and learned so much from the process. No theater school could tech them what you taught them!! The production team you put together were all terrific and hard working people and the whole atmosphere was a pleasure to be around and made everyone work harder to make it the best it could be. I truly believe that only a leader that everyone respects can create this atmosphere! Thank you!!

Michal and Dana Efron

My son, Matthew, is 11 years old and worked with Scott Hart in A Christmas Story -The Musical at The Barn Theater in November/December of 2014. My son has been performing since he was 8 years old and has worked with many different directors. Most of the productions Matthew has been part of only had one or two parts for children, so when we heard there would be 12 children in this production, we were thrilled. Scott was able to assemble these twelve children and make them into an amazing team, a family. Scott's patience was apparent as he directed these children of different ages, theatrical backgrounds, and personalities for three months. He showed the children respect and in turn they showed him the same respect. These children would do anything to make Scott proud. Even when Scott was stern and serious, the children were eager to please. Scott was also very clear and precise in his notes for the children, as well as the entire cast. There were no blurred lines, my son knew exactly what was expected of him and was able to follow all the notes he received from Scott. Scott never had Matthew (or any actor) just sit around doing nothing during rehearsal. He managed the rehearsal time and the actors’ time very efficiently. When Matthew was called to a rehearsal, it was for a specific purpose. There was limited wasted time as Scott knew what the production process entailed and he executed it superbly. Scott tried to wrap up the children's rehearsal by nine pm during the week, knowing they had school the next day. This impressed me the most because Matthew has been at rehearsals until midnight in other productions, just sitting around doing nothing. Matthew not only learned acting skills from Scott, but he learned that hard work pays off. Matthew worked hard, practicing on his own, the music, the dances and his lines. He saw that the result of all this hard work was an entertaining and remarkable show. Scott’s encouragement and leadership pushed all the children and the entire cast to work hard to put this amazing production together. This production at The Barn could have never been as incredible as it was without having Scott Hart at the helm. Not only would Matthew love to work with Scott again, but as Matthew's parents, we would also love to work with Scott Hart again.

Mark & Donna Quirk